BREAKING NEWS: Ex 27 Loser Finally Dumps the MLM for a System That Works!

Hi, AJ here.

I decided to write this post because something very magical happened to me yesterday…

…something that I will NEVER forget.

I sent an email to a new list I’ve built with ONE solo ad and made 3 sales within hours of sending. For me, this is a game changer.

Before I tell you what I did to create this result, take a look at this screen shot!



OK… SO let me go into a little detail about why I was able to do this.

First, I decided to start a new list targeting a very specific niche topic.

This ensured that I would be able to find a group of people who were looking to spend money for information they needed.

Sound good so far?


After I picked my niche, I created ONLY 5 follow-up messages. Doing only 5 messages allows me to send broadcast messages to the people who have already received my follow-up emails. That way, they don’t get 4 emails a day! (Which they appreciate – trust me!)  🙂

I sent similar offers that offered value and only cost around $10-$27. That way I knew they could afford it.

I made sure I had a simple capture page to generate new subscribers to this email list. The money I made above was the result of a $85 ad spend. In order to make my money back, I made sure to have an exit-offer on my capture page. So if people decided to leave my website, they would be offered a free guide or report.

This is pretty cool because I make $1.00 for every person that opts-in to the other persons list that I have positioned on the exit-pop. Very Smart Thing To Do!

Here are some other screenshots of money generated from pay-per-lead programs:





And here are the earnings from my own product on the front-end of this funnel:



So when I add up all the earnings from the entire funnel, I get $88.49.

That means I actually made money. REAL money. Money I get to keep. Here’s the deal:

This is just the beginning!

My funnel is designed in a way that I will ALWAYS make my money back on any ad I run. This means that any sales I make from broadcast messages that I personally send out after the follow-up sequence are Pure Profit!!!

So how can YOU benefit from this information?

Well, simple. You can do the exact same thing. You too can setup your very own funnel and buy solo ads to build your list. If you set it up the way I have, you too will be in profit within days of running your solo ad. Just imagine what you can do with this information. You can build your mailing list for FREE. Then promote offers to your list to make money whenever you want!  🙂

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